My Heritage DNA

MyHeritage is, just like, a website that offers not just DNA tests, but also family tree software. This allows you to combine two worlds. The platform supports over 40 different languages. The site is also available in Dutch, making MyHeritage an accessible choice. The family tree section of MyHeritage has over 99 million registered users, and 9.3 billion profiles. This number is growing quickly. 1.6 million people have had the DNA test performed.


Since 2016, you can have genetic DNA tests done through MyHeritage. The company offers only the autosomal test. If you have your DNA tested by MyHeritage, you’ll get access to DNA matches with others that have done a DNA test through MyHeritage as well.



At €79, MyHeritage is one of the cheapest tests. For this price, you only get the autosomal test. Additionally, MyHeritage offers a service through which you can match with others.



  • JYou can easily upload your DNA profile if you have had it performed through another renowned DNA test.