Living DNA

Living DNA is a website of British origin through which you can order DNA tests that give you insight into where your ancestors originated from. Living DNA provides a fairly all-round package, as it offers, apart from the standard autosomal test, the additional mtDNA and Y-DNA tests to be able to review the family line for more than a few generations on both the side of the father and mother. With this option you discover to which haplogroup you belong.


The Netherlands is contracted into a region with Germany, Switzerland, Austria and parts of Denmark. If you have a strong suspicion that both your ancestors on your father’s and mother’s side originate only from the Netherlands, this test might not offer the depth you’re looking for. On the other hand, Living DNA uses a fair number of regions, because of which you can gain nice insights if you have one or more ancestors from other parts of the world.


For people with a British background, Living DNA might just be the best choice. As they have divided Great Britain into over 20 regions, you’ll get a nice overview of where your ancestors originated within Great Britain.


When the results become more accurate over time, Living DNA will update these. You’ll keep having free access to these.



Living DNA is competitively priced. The standard price of the package is €99. At times they have a promotion available through which the test is a bit cheaper still.



  • Living DNA connects your haplogroup to historical celebrities.
  • Living DNA offers the possibility to receive a personalised book. Nice for on the kitchen table!