GPS Origins

GPS Origins is a test that can’t just be bought on 1 platform, but from various selling points. Amazon, for instance, is a main supplier of the test. GPS Origins distinguishes itself, by their own account, through extensive testing. As a result, GPS Origins can more precisely pinpoint on the map from where your ancestors originate.


Finally, GPS Origins shows you 2 interactive maps. The first provides insight into the composition of your DNA, and its geographical origins. This is substantiated through the use of percentages. The second map represents a migration route. In this way you can see the migration routes of your ancestors.


The test is also offered through and We don’t know the relation between and the company behind GPS Origins. The available information about GPS Origins is relatively limited in general.



Priced at €199, GPS Origins is a relatively expensive test.



  • GPS Origins offers a more detailed way to map the countries of origin of your ancestors, whereas other tests usually show regions.