Family Tree DNA

FamilyTreeDNA, which is often abbreviated as FTDNA, is an American website focussed on DNA research into ancestry. At first sight, the website might seem a bit complicated to use due to the many choices they offer. With other DNA test providers, the amount is often limited to 1 or 2 options. FamilyTreeDNA offers 7 different products, each with their own price.


In the end FTDNA does the same as a few other providers. You can have not just an autosomal test performed, but an mtDNA and Y-DNA test as well. Especially in the case of the Y-DNA test, FamilyTreeDNA goes the extra mile. You can spend up to $649 here for an incredibly comprehensive DNA analysis. This is, however, only recommended for experts.


FTDNA has an expansive matching system through which you can view DNA matches with others.



Family Tree DNA offers good value if you only want to do an autosomal test. Prices are relatively high for Y-DNA test en de mtDNA test.


Autosomal test:

  • $79


Y-DNA test:

  • $169 for 37 short tandem reapeats (STRs)
  • $268 for 67 STRs
  • $359 for 111 STRs
  • $649 for 500 STRs

mtDNA test:

  • $89 for a test that analyses 2 regions mitochondrial DNA (HVR1 and HVR2)
  • $199 for a test that annalyses all regions mitochondrial DNA analyses an even more extensive results.




  • Choice in how extensively you want to have your research performed.
  • You can upload your DNA code into the FamilyTreeDNA system from the following providers: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage