Ancestry DNA

Originally, was a website on which millions of people worked to map their family trees. Nowadays, the site is also known for the DNA tests they offer. This complements each other well, and as a result, Ancestry is used a lot by people looking for their near history. The site also offers, for example, a function to find living relatives on the basis of the DNA test.


Since recently, Ancestry DNA offers more than 350 regions, with which the site currently has the most regions. In combination with their vast user database, in theory offers accurate results. They also have the Netherlands as a separate region.


Ever since 2014, they only offer the autosomal test. With this they put an even stronger focus on near family history. Both men and women can take this test at


With Ancestry, you can choose for a type of subscription that grants you more insight into family trees in particular. Without this subscription you won’t be able to use their system to its full potential, but you can still, for instance, make contact with people with similar DNA profiles. You can find more information about this subscription here.



The test costs €99. For this price you only get the autosomal test, but it does give you results based on 350 regions. Additionally, you’ll get (limited) access to the big network that Ancestry has compiled of people that are working of family tree research.



  • Biggest number of regions and users.

million users