23andMe pioneered in 2007 with the first autosomal DNA test for ancestry research. The Californian company has since then been able to compile a substantial database of more than 5 million people. As a result, they belong to the bigger DNA testers. A big advantage of 23andMe is the large number of regions to which they link the test results, as they use over 150. Because of this, you can in theory discern where your origins lie more precisely.


The website 23andMe has compiled over 150 regions of which they can tell if you possess DNA that corresponds to people from these regions.


The basis DNA test is performed on the basis of autosomal DNA You get this from both your father and mother. At 23andMe you can also retrieve information about your haplogroup. Aside from the basis DNA test, you can also have an mtDNA and Y-DNA test done at 23andMe. This is included in the price by default.



23andMe is – just like Living DNA – competitively priced when it comes to purchasing a complete package. The standard price of the package is $99. Around the holidays they usually offer a promotion, making the test a bit cheaper still. With $99, 23andMe is just a little cheaper as compared to Living DNA, where the test is offered for €99.



  • 23andMe is one of the few providers that offers the option to expand upon your test with research focused on your health.
  • Curious as to what percentage your DNA resembles that of a Neanderthal? 23andMe provides an answer to this question as well.

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